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To me this Lady looks like she has the "sweetest sadness" in her eyes, almost like, yeah life is good, she wants for nothing and she can leave if she wants to (the wall is not high) but she stays on possiblay out of obligation. Something or someone or a situation/circumstanse is anchoring her here in this place and this state of emotional unfullfilment. Her friends would probaly say about her, "look at so and so, she has everything she has no reason to be unhappy she has it all she should not complain!" but does she really have it all? there seems to be something missing on a soulful level.

Your never truly know how someone feels unless you walk a mile in thier shoes fits very well here.

An the (merlin) is also mirroring her situation, and feeling the exact same thing. A bird should be free to fly and to soar great heights, but he is tethered. Looking at the merlin you would say he is protected from the dangers out there feed and taken well cared for, he is living a charmed life. But is he really? The Lady feels an infinaty towards him, he is owned by her and is not free just something pretty "arm candy" I think she feels just like her little merlin alot of the time, kindered spirits.

Just my thoughts
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