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What Willow posted is quite the way I feel towards this card.

It reminds me more of a married woman who has everything, except love. She doesn't completely appreciate all that she has because these things are not giving her satisfaction. She may not realize that the stability offered by this way of living can be a wonderful springboard for going after what your heart truly desires-if you can find out what that is. She is controlling the bird because that's all she can control. She feels trapped by whatever may be controlling her- the spouse, society's expectations, anything but her own spirit.

As far as her being grounded, I don't feel that so much in this card. We cannot see her feet, she seems to be floating along, going whichever way she is directed by some outside source, as opposed to being directed by her internal guidance system.

The white gown makes me feel that she is in that garden, thinking, trying to come to terms with whatever it is her spirit wants and needs, she's trying to get in touch with the purity of her spirit...and the fact she is holding onto the tree branch indicates to me that she really is trying to get in touch with nature, and her true self. She seems to be holding onto the tree to try to find a way to feel grounded, I just don't think she's really there yet.
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