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Synthesize keywords into an integrative statement for each of these cards:

Page of Pentacles:

Mode is court card answering the question of who.

A Page can be a messenger, a baby, a beginning, innocence, initiator.

Pentacles in my deck (RWS) has the element of earth which is about patience, hardship, practicality, growth, struggle.

Together these words could indicate:
-a baby's first steps
-quarterly interest garnered on a financial account
-a new perspective/relationship with money
-starting a new business
-a child's first allowance
-dreams coming true.

Eight of Swords

Mode is a numbered card which answers the question of what is the nature of the circumstance or life event.

The suit is swords which is the element of air in my deck.
Keywords for air are wit, self-doubt, spirit, invisible difficulties, decision.

#8- keywords are regeneration, organization, progress, adjustments, practical endeavors.

Together these words could indicate:
-Losing perspective in the mist of conflict
-reaching a decision that result in crisis
-feeling blocked and not knowing how to get out
-using wit to address internal issues
-not taking self too seriously

Wheel of Fortune

The mode is major arcana which addressess the question of why...the lesson to be learned in a given situation.

The element for this card is fire for my deck.
Fire is denoted by passion, courage, enthusiasm, optimistic attitude, willfullness.

The number 10 is assigned to this card.
#10 is about wholeness, new beginnings, release, completion, transformation.

Together these words could indicate:
-Rags to riches to rags story
-learning to stay centered in the face of adversity
-ending and/or transforming long standing friendships/relationships
-feeling at peace internally when one lets go, and lets God

Ace of Cups

Mode is Ace which answers the question of where. Where there is potential in a circumstance, and the elemental nature of the potential.

The Ace denotes the root, an emergence, inspiration, awe.

Cup is the element of water in my deck. Water can be about sustaining, receptive, flowing, and secretive.

Together these words could indicate:
-reaching a low point and finding inspiration in a favorite song
-being introduced to someone you find interesting
-open to a new love
-becoming emotional at a joyous occassion.

5 of Swords

Mode is as a number card which answers the question of what a situation is, the nature of the circumstance.

Swords is the suit with the element of air in my deck.
Air is communication, initiation, struggle to work out problems, conflict.

I initially used keywords magnetic, enthusiastic, progressive. Now I can also add change, crisis, new possibilities.

Together these words could indicate-
-new possibilities which create crisis in a life situation
-struggle to communicate
-internal changes/outlook effects friendships
-drawing change like a magnet
-enthusiasm for life philosophies are not shared or acknowledged by peers

Which of these statements feels true?
All of them.

How does it relate to your life right now?

I currently am at a quandry, really just miffed at how a conflict/fight I had with a girlfriend has taken deeper dimensions. What started as one issue has led into other resentments on my part. One week before all this blew up, I started this study and chose the 5 of Swords. At the time I had no clue that this card would take a deeper significance. I believe my 30+ year friendship maybe over as a result of this fight. If not, it certainly will get an overhaul. A great deal is my fault since I did not voice concerns, and issues as they happened. I have allowed myself to look over transgressions made by my girfriend(platonic relationship). In turn, I feel myself to have been taken for granted a few times too many. I struggle for solution, and I presently keep my silence. I do not wish to communicate for the fact I do not know what to say or how to remedy the situation. Intrinsically I feel at peace with all that has transpired, and I certainly can see where we have grown apart for many years now.
This has been an interesting practice, I found it a challenge and hope I did it correctly.
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