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Dave's step Seven efforts.

I've had a busy couple of days and was later than usual in posting my thread. It looks like everyone is rising to the challenge. Several have raised the question of whether they are doing these exercises correctly. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, ITS NOT THE END OF THE JOURNEY -- ITS TAKING THE JOURNEY ITSELF THAT IS THE GOAL.

And thanks to those who have responded by PM about the pace of these exercises. We'll continue on a step-each-week pace.

News about a proposed project is received. Delivery of a heavy package raises concerns. One who is curious about news another receives risks scorn. Expectation of recognition from another risks one’s self-esteem.

Comment: This card may suggest either news or the likely arrival of good things, valued items, success, or a plan for completion of a commitment.

As a "past" card: You were the recipient of something good, of value.
As a "now" card: This is the time for good results to happen, news about gains of some kind, someone who will be of help to you.
As a "future" card: Expect good news, monetary gain, support from associates.
As a "resource" card: Someone can provide research, information, a loan or support. Look for those who have something to offer, then ask for help.

What brought me to this situation? It’s quiet after a rough period; what comes next? I need to think about this before I do something. I’m now alone, this is the time to do something.

Comment: This card also speaks of victimization – how the victim feels, why the perpetrator would do this? The card also speaks of self-doubt and indecisiveness that leads to inaction at a time when decisions and actions are appropriate.

As a “past” card: You avoided taking a stance and ended up in a bind because of inaction.
As a “now” card: This is the time to step out of a situation that has you bound up.
As a “future” card: You need to prepare for a challenge that you are fearing to face.
As a “resource” card: Think carefully about who you lean upon, how they can help you, whether they can really be there when needed.

Why is this the time to choose? Look at what has passed, then consider the next logical phase. Am I prepared for change? Do I recognize that things have changed in some way?

Comment: This card speaks of unsettled conditions, possible unease or a refusal to see what is changing, or a hope for a better situation.

As a “past” card: Changes occurred which re-arranged your situation.
As a “now” card: You are feeling that everything is shifting under your feet. How are you with this feeling?
As a “future” card: What you are doing now will cause changes for you or others. Is this likely to be a good thing?
As a “resource” card: Are you counting on taking advantage of a confusing or changing situation? Are you certain of how the outcome will affect you and others?

How will this opportunity affect me? Starting this project will cost me a lot of personal effort. I’m nervous about what will come.

Comment: This is the typical “feeling good about what is to come” card, happiness in the wind, contentment with the developing or promised situation.

As a “past” card: You expected good news and support for your wishes.
As a “now” card: Sleep well if you can, all will be well.
As a “future” card: You are hoping for a good experience and result.
As a “resource” card: Your happiness and expectations will bring enthusiasm to others and inspire them to support you.

How do I make sense of this situation? I need to gather my wits and skills to resolve this. There is a best way to bring calmness and understanding to this situation.

Comment: This card brings an opportunity to exhibit your mastery over a challenging situation. Others will see you as a role model and leader.

As a “past” card: You did an amazing thing.
As a “now” card: This is the time to show what you can do.
As a “future” card: You will be expected to act like a leader.
As a “resource” card: Your strength will attract other strengths. Act with conviction and confidence.

Oftentimes when I'm trying to determine card meanings I think of the role that card may play in a past, now, future or resource position within a spread. That sometimes "rounds out" the meaning for me. The exercise didn't ask for this but then, from a conversation with Mary Greer, I think we can safely say that this is an exploration and that we should feel free to think freely and exercise our mental wings as much as possible. Dave
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