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page of pentacles
the page is a court card hence it is a who
Pages can mean messengers, study, learn
Emotionally curious, interested, hopeful

Pentacles/coins (earth) money, final result, fruits of labor
Emotionally secure, satisfied, fulfilled grateful

an e mail about a new job opening or job interview
a letter that I qualified for a university
Someone one coming into my life that is book smart with money but not much real life practice with managing funds

I think there is synergy with the hopeful, satisfied , grateful emotions of the page and earth element.

8 of swords

Mode-- numbered card situation life events actions what’s up
Rank --- 8 -- direction, control. Practical endeavors, progress, process, movement, results of victory and changes

Suit swords—air—will, thought, mental process, reason, plans cunning, communication, discussion
Emotionally hopeless, depressed, mischievous, heart broken (man I do not like this thought that air is always bad I think it is unfair)

Synthesis— 8 of swords
Thinking of a new direction in my life
Trying to control my environment through my thoughts
Planning a way to win at all costs/take no prisoners attitude
Expressing my ideas on stage or phone talking about what is in my head

As an aside I work with computers for a living and can be over analytical ignoring the emotions side of things but I am almost always nice to people and never try winning in a dirty way. seems my job and mode of thinking is very swords but I don’t get the bad side
Except I have a hard time empathizing with emotional people

Wheel of fortune

Mode: this is a major arcane and the asks us “ what is the lesson to be learned”
Rank: 10 wholeness completion, new beginning, karma, material power, transformation
Suit: fire energetic, passionate, desiring, enthusiastic, willful

Synthesis: Wheel of fortune

Lessons to be learned
What I will into being will come back as the wheel goes around I can get off in many places
If I do not like my situation then understand “ that to shall pass”
With my energy and passion I can create new beginnings
With my will I can transform into something new
New material fortunes are on the horizons

Ace of cups

Mode: Ace where under what domain
Rank: Ace, Potential, opportunity divine energy , alone new beginning
Emotion, inspired aroused decisive wondrous
Suit: Cups Water emotions, dreams, spirituality, compassion pleasure, institution, inner process

Emotionally, happy, joyful, loving. Shy, melancholy

First off this card has such wonderful synergy makes you want to screm for joy from the roof tops and hug the stuffing out of somebody

This is all taking in the realm of joyous emotions new beginnings

That spark you get when you see someone that you really like
You might meet a very happy joyous person
There can be confusion over emotion when you fell one way and they feel another and can get very depressed
also that first crush but also can be that first heartbreak

Rank I have the Star 17 1+7=8

I believe regeneration and results of victor and changes fit this card well
Especially regeneration after that trip through the devil and tower the fool needs a break

If I stick with the book element the lesson I can learn is no matter how hard my life appears now there is hope in regeneration if is is hard I can light the good fight and if I keep at it I will have a new life latter

if I go with the water element and 8 together it is wonderful symmetry
love compassion happy lovely dreams about a bright future

even if I use both meanings I can assure my self life will be good if I have a spiritual connection
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