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Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

Using Greer's assigned cards and the Appendices, I came up with the following combinations:

Page of Pentacles
- A child who is secure in its family
- A messenger bringing word about money
- Birth of a new attitude toward health and fitness

8 of Swords
- An event causing re-evaluation of a problem
- Taking action to regulate or control a current conflict
- The effects that come from using a methodical, integrated system

X Wheel of Fortune
- Narrowing a multiplicity of choices down to one
- The energy that results from joining many elements into a single concept
- The lesson to be learned from being passionate about a clear direction

Ace of Cups
- Focusing on the emotions inherent in the situation
- Taking pleasure and gratification from the achievement of a goal
- The new opportunity that comes from finding the joy in home life

My card: The Knight of Pentacles
- The actions that can result from being centered
- Expanding a skill with the aid of another person
- Being patient and confident that money problems can change through the use of existing skills

The synthesis statement:
Through becoming centered and more patiently aware of my dreams and aspirations, I can see actions that can be taken and uncover others who can help me achieve those goals.
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