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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
Not to confuse things (but I'm afraid it will), there are even published variations on the Golden Dawn system of ToL attributions: William Gray did one, I believe Gareth Knight and Frater Achad did too, and I imagine more modern writers took a stab at it as well. Tarot writer Eden Gray even chimed in (unconvincingly) in one of her less basic books. The waters can get deep!
That's true. I guess I was thinking more of the books I learned from which present a pretty basic explanation without going too far into speculation, the ones by Robert Wang and Dion Fortune. I was recommended both these authors when I started out, and I found them very informative and useful.

You're right though. Crowley made changes as did Waite. But most people who deal with the GD's Kabbalah still express themselves in much the same symbolic language despite their variations. It isn't necessarily a matter of definitions but of a general outlook which is similar across writers. There are, of course, exceptions to that, too, but that's the general picture I see.
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