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Oh, dear. I'm not the first to think that a black hole is material re-gathering for the birth of another universe? In this deck, I tend to look at the Devil and the Fool as unorthodox book-ends, from the big bang of matter expanding, to the black hole of matter contracting...accumulating...becoming denser with every addition...perhaps until every particle has been reabsorbed. Then? It explodes of its own internal pressure, another Big Bang! In that manner I can make sense of the big bang. Otherwise, I'm always wondering what happened before the explosion, and where all the "stuff" came from.

Visually, the fool and the devil in this deck are a little similar, having horns on their heads, and wing-like things behind them. I don't know if that's intentional or not.

ETA: I'm not sure why a star would explode if it had no fuel left.
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