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I really like the new versions of the cards.
I checked out the differences between the old version of the cards and the new deck for distribution. I understand how you needed to change it. My classes on early to high Italian Renaissance topics showed lots of art examples people would consider grim.
I've heard the National Gallery in London and a few other museums have glorious examples and replicas of world art, so I'm eager to know if your art sources can be found in London---or if they are probably from worldwide collections or local to you? I found online examples for my self study on the net through international collections.
I was especially glad that your site said that you will list the sources. A recent and enjoyable find for me was Tarot de Paris, which also lists the source of its historic sculpture found in Paris. The book has an appendix with the page number, the character title of the sculpture and last known location.
Wouldn't it be fun if I could tell people that I toured the art history of museums of Europe using tarot cards?
Best wishes as we get nearer to seeing the cards in print,
Mari Hoshizaki
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