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I believe spirituality has evolved.. into more aeclectic forms.. :)

What a joyless character is this Hierophant. He looks like someone who talks but never wants to listen, because he believes he holds all the knowledge of value already. He thinks what he knows, you need to pay attention to. He doesn't seem to value the persons before him as people. To pose like that while they bow their heads in submission is to assert power over them. Fingers pointing upwards to avow the power is god-given. It reminds me of a poem by Kingsley Amis...

The Voice of Authority: A Language Game

Do this. Don't move. O'Grady says do this,
You get a move on, see, do what I say.
Look lively when I say O'Grady says.

Say this. Shut up. O'Grady says say this,
You talk fast without thinking what to say.
What goes is what I say O'Grady says.

Or rather let me put the point like this:
O'Grady says what goes is what I say
O'Grady says; that's what O'Grady says.

By substituting you can shorten this,
Since any god you like will do to say
The things you like, that's what O'Grady says.

The harm lies not in that, but that in this
Progression's first and last terms are I say
O'Grady says, not just O'Grady says.

Yet it's O'Grady must be out of this
Before what we say goes, not what we say
O'Grady says. Or so O'Grady says.
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