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For flowerpower

In the book, Appendix B on page 249 and 250, are more keywords for Kings. The Kings are quite complex, having to play so many roles. Mary Greer covers many of the Kingly attributes. You might want to look at a book called The Tarot Court Cards by Kate Warwick-Smith. She looks at the court cards in terms of how they can relate to you in terms of being a Supporter, a Detractor, a Resource, or a Challenge.

Then, she relates each of the court cards to these four categories. The King of Wands has these roles which it can play:
** Supporter: A Spiritual Elder
** Detractor: A Zealot
** Resource: A Spiritual Vision
** Challenge: Illusion

She goes on to elaborate how these roles can be played out in relationships, and how we can see the court cards in spread positions to indicate the types of influences that a person is dealing with. I point these out just to introduce other views into how the Tarot can offer a great number of tools for us to use. Perhaps we can explore these and other practices once the 21 Ways exercises are done. Dave
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