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Originally Posted by Teheuti View Post
The GD Tarot generally uses what's called the Queen Scale of coloring based on Tree of Life associations. 777 as mentioned earlier is the key to this system. See also:

The RWS deck uses the color associations to the planets, signs and elements a little more generally. Looking around the net I found this page which gives a publicly-palatable version of their color associations.
'Cosmic Faery' Christine says 'its all about intuition'. The problem with that approach is , for example, if Waite wanted to use purple on a robe to signify something , it is more to do with HIS trip or intuition (or a wink and a nod to others 'in the know'), I dont see how a person with no insight into Waite, his dynamics or the G.D. is going to get to the root of the gnosis in the deck by their own intuition.

Otherwise its just a self-reflective mirror - with distortions.
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