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I'm taking a serious look at VII Cups symbolism and imagery. The traditional meaning of this card has never really satisfied. I think it is more than just a "pie in the sky fantasy." For instance what is the meaning of the red halo around the head draped in a white cloth? Who is the man standing in front of all the cups, and what is the meaning of the different characters emerging from the cups? And most important, what does this card say to the querent when it shows up in a love reading. Dragons, snakes, heads, jewels, victory wreath, jewels, castle......all emerging out of an individual cup.....seems very mysterious to me. I'm considering interpreting this card as someone trying to control the reality of the querent...someone like the Magician.

I'm referring to the VII of Cups in the Rider Waite deck.
QUOTE=nisaba;4703879]Well, the different things in different cups signify that the client is standing at a point where they have many choices. There are options that result in material wealth (jewels and gold). There are options that offer happiness but not necessarily wealth. There are options that offer danger (the dragon). There are options that offer safety (the castle). And to me the cloth-covered option has never seemed like a head: it has seemed like an option the result of which we cannot know.

If the client acts in some ways, it will make them happy, or unhappy, or rich or poor. And there's at least one course of action they can take in the situation which will have an unknowable result - that is how I see the covered option. I've not really paid attention to the red glow before: depending on your own personal inner symbolism you might link red with blood and therefore vitality and energy, or you might link red with stop, and therefore with risk. I think that's down to your personal inner symbolism regarding the colour. I'd go blood/vitality/healing/energy-force, myself, but that's just me.[/QUOTE]
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