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Originally Posted by Shardz View Post
Barleywine: Indeed, with the proper literature, Debauch is a much more clear and concise concept to grasp. Though, I'm sure the Book of Thoth is equally convoluted in its own charming way, I mostly rely on third party authors to give me the lowdown on Thoth, such as Lon Milo Duquette. After attempting to get through the barrage of pages that Crowley wrote on The Fool card alone, I decided that Thoth would be a parallel pursuit alongside the RWS.

Ruby: It sounds like you are doing just fine with your interpretations, and most really aren't experts in alchemy, gematria, numerology or even Kabbalah (my chosen spelling) just to read the cards. Like some, I tend to look at Tarot as a learning tool more than a divinatory method, and find all aspects interesting as they do link as far as you wish to learn. I certainly didn't mean to hijack this thread, however. But the 7 of Cups is quite a unique card for many reasons stated thus far.
You do not even come close to hijacking this thread Shardz....not to worry...I'm so happy to have all the input I can get. I do happen to have either 2 or 3 of Crowley's "greenies"....but I have never been able to use them...however, I have plans to do so at some point, as well as the TdM...decks. All is good when it comes to learning...nothing exempt as far as I'm, please feel free to continue the interactions.
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