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Just wanted to reiterate that I fully agree with Ruby Jewell. I've never thought that the seven cups purport to deliver any kind of objective reality. They're like an elaboration of the old shell game: outwardly they look promising (or at least interesting) but ultimately it's impossible to tell which one is hiding the "object of the heart's desire." So self-deception as Wang states (or outright delusion and unproductive contemplation of phantasmal opportunities) poses the major risk. The Golden Dawn title of "Illusory Success" seems entirely appropriate; there is nothing solid here to sink your teeth into.

From an alchemical perspective, I've always been taken by Crowley's observation that the 7 and 8 of Cups capture the ideas of the corruption and putrefication that are essential precursors to restoration of stability with the 9 of Cups. The artwork on the Thoth cards certainly conveys these ideas. Once the energy leaves Tiphareth and departs the Middle Pillar, it just seems to lose its way; its actually going through a necessary process of transmutation to restore its purity.
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