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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
Just wanted to reiterate that I fully agree with Ruby Jewell. I've never thought that the seven cups purport to deliver any kind of objective reality. They're like an elaboration of the old shell game: outwardly they look promising (or at least interesting) but ultimately it's impossible to tell which one is hiding the "object of the heart's desire." So self-deception as Wang states (or outright delusion and unproductive contemplation of phantasmal opportunities) poses the major risk. The Golden Dawn title of "Illusory Success" seems entirely appropriate; there is nothing solid here to sink your teeth into.

From an alchemical perspective, I've always been taken by Crowley's observation that the 7 and 8 of Cups capture the ideas of the corruption and putrefication that are essential precursors to restoration of stability with the 9 of Cups. The artwork on the Thoth cards certainly conveys these ideas. Once the energy leaves Tiphareth and departs the Middle Pillar, it just seems to lose its way; its actually going through a necessary process of transmutation to restore its purity.
Well said, and I agree. I usually like to ponder the meanings of the symbols in card images, but with this card, that doesn't seem that important to me, funnily enough. Things depicted on the image are illusions anyway and for that reason beyond our reach. In a way, I can see this card making a joke on us readers' expense when we try to desperately grasp on these things and try to make our lofty claims.
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