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In retrospect, "reduction" may be the correct term for what Crowley was talking about. The energy doesn't change in essential nature, it just enters the preparatory phase of sublimation (on a "lower arc," of course). In that sense, the RWS 7 of Cups may be offering a bizarre kind of hope through the process of elimination. If we wade through the morass up to our eyeballs long enough and investigate each clot of impurity, we may eventually arrive at a solid piece of ground that we can stand on. Or maybe not, and we will just have to tread water impotently. This card has always suggested frustration to me.

ETA: Come to think of it, this sense of dissonance is common to all of the Sevens: the man in the 7 of Wands is facing grossly unfair odds; the unseen people in the camp on the 7 of Swords are having something stolen from under their noses; and the weary-looking man in the 7 of Pentacles seems dissatisfied with his progress.
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