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Originally Posted by Dercetius View Post
In the 8 of Cups, Saturn's intrinsic limitations seem to restrict Pisces' endless stream of feeling. In a way, you are right to say there is a sense of conflict or contradiction.
The eighth pillar, Hod, structures things through the intellect. Thus, there is a struggle between what one thinks and what one feels. One thing is for sure, they must choose and part with something.
He relieves himself of the chalices in order to move forward. Therefore, it comes down to overcoming your emotions and moving forward.
I am relating to the fact that a choice must be made....and the choice is to leave something behind.....perhaps something in the vacuous cloud of the VII of Cups.....the 12th house is the house of and addictions.....since the cups are still standing, he could be walking away from most addiction to alcohol or too much frivolous celebration......choosing a different way of life....a more spiritual way of life or a healthier Saturn is about discipline and restriction
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