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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
Okay, I see the it now.
"The description is even happier than that given by the Qabalah, although in every way congruous with it. Practical considerations are never absent from Chinese thought, even at its most abstruse and metaphysical. The fundamental heresy of the Black Lodge is contempt for "the world, the flesh, and the devil," all which are essential to the plan of the Universe; it is cardinal to the Great Work for the Adept so to order affairs that “even the evil germs of Matter shall alike become useful and good."

The error of Christian Mystics on this point has been responsible for more cruelty, misery, and collective insanity than all others put together; its poison can be traced even in the teaching of Freud, who assumed that the Unconscious was "the devil," whereas in fact it is the instinct which expresses, beneath a veil, the inherent Point of View of each, and, properly understood, is the key to Initiation, and a hint of what seed may blossom and fructify as the "Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel." For “Every man and every woman is a star."
Can't say I agree that Crowley is talking here about the Waite-Smith 7 of Cups in this instance, but I can see a similarity in the "instinct which expresses, beneath a veil."

One has to wonder how Crowley arrives at his conclusion that all the ills of the world are the responsibility of Christian Mysticism. Did he do a survey?

Ruby Jewel, no email was sent on my part. Must've been someone else.
Abrac, you had asked me earlier to send you a section of the book....a simple request without ado, but I had not replied.

I doubt as well that Crowley had the Waite-Smith deck in mind; however, I am looking at the simple symbology inherent in all the cards....I believe that knowledge, as all knowledge, is pretty much shared within a culture, otherwise, symbols would not be what they are: the language of the collective unconscious. But, it seems to me we agree regarding the issue of the instinct/veil....which is our subject matter here.

I have contemplated the issue of the ills of the world ad infintum. It would be nice if one could point a finger at the "one true source".....religion, greed, inborn hate, the Devil.....and even if you could say "aha, it is this"...... how would you fix it? When I boil it down to the essence, I see the problem as simple as a "line drawn in the sand." Buddha gave us the key in his "Four Noble Truths": attachment (of any kind whatsoever, including beliefs, money, love....the whole gamut.) Crowley was no worse nor better than Freud or me or any of us....we all come and go with our attachments to our philosophies, our needs, and our beliefs.....the only thing that remains is love....or hate...nothing more......and that legacy is the only real choice we have.

All the items in the cups in the cloud remind me of all the attachments we have as human beings......Perhaps the instinct beneath the veil is about "waking up" to the real world....instead of the fantasy you see before you in the fog.
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