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Originally Posted by Shardz View Post
Approaching the card in a more generalized fashion and mindset, the spirtual number seven represented here with the various aspects in place could also possibly allude to the seven Deadly Sins and/or the seven Divine Virtues. Choosing to shed the deeper esoteric meanings, which Waite was infamously known to do with the Minor Arcana (as he was obviously thinking about sex every 7 seconds), one can arrive at numerous meanings to suit the current relative spread in question.
I agree with you about the 7 deadly sins/divine virtues and even more that one can arrive at numerous meanings—different ones will suit a particular reading.

I read interactively and often ask the client what the 7 things are in their own life and about the feelings and attitude of the person depicted. The key seems to lie in what desires "tempt" us (Venus decan of Scorpio) and how we respond to them. We can ask what feelings and desires arise to challenge the mastery of the Chariot (VII)?

The thoughts clients have about the veiled figure are often the most intriguing. One woman had had a repeating nightmare with a veiled ghost who terrified her (she had the dream again the night before the reading). As she was in my ritual group, I had her journey (in a safe space) to meet the figure who turned out to be a guide who had been trying to help her. He no longer haunts her dreams, but rather became a strengthening force in her life. However, I would never assume that the meaning of her veiled figure would apply to anyone else. I recognize a significance similar to hers as a possibility but certainly not a probability for others.

Some see the veiled figure as a Christ figure (Tiphareth - the 6th sephiroth before encountering the 7th - Netzach) or even as the ultimate illusory trap. This card in the Minors epitomizes to me, Tarot as "Mirror of the Soul" (reflections of soul-stuff) when a person is willing to delve deeply into what it is doing in their spread.

In my own readings, the card has meant many different things over the years, so I always try to look at it afresh, while keeping in mind its core of 'illusory success' and the power of the imagination for good or ill. For the Golden Dawn this card was 'external splendor brought to nothing'—which is especially true when dealing with mundane matters. The Venus decan of Scorpio has been described as the 'gleam on stagnant water'. Personally, I look to the other cards in a spread to see whether or not the person is ready and able to dive in, carry or manifest these visions of the imagination.

[As someone in the Venus in Scorpio club I certainly relate to the dangers of Crowley's 'debauch,' but find it applies more strongly when I'm using the Thoth deck than the RWS.]
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