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Crowley (Book IV, p. 120):
"In the darkness this smoke seems to take strange shapes, and we may hear the crying of beasts. . . . We gasp and tremble, beholding what foul and unsubstantial things we have evoked! . . . Arise in our imagination those terrifying or alluring phantasms which throng the Astral Plane. This smoke represents the Astral Plane, which lies between the material and the spiritual. . . . Those things are themselves false. If the student once take any of these things for truth, he must worship it, since all truth is worshipful. In such a case he is lost; the phantom will have power over him; it will obsess him. . . . But the worst of all phantasms are the moral ideas and the religious ideas. . . . All these phantoms, of whatever nature, must be evoked, examined and mastered."

Third Decan of Scorpio:

Picatrix: "This is a face of evil works and taste, and joining oneself with women by force and with them being unwilling."

Agrippa: "It is the signification of drunkenness, fornication, wrath, violence and strife."

Note: These classic meanings for the decans were not followed religiously by the GD, although they did have some influence.
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