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Goache (colour!) Pen & Ink

Originally Posted by The 78th Fool
There are no colour originals - they were black and white line drawings and the colours were added at the printing stage (not by PCS, according to a letter written by the lady herself. A copy of it has been posted on the forum by Fulgour).
As one of our new members (EarthBoy) so kindly pointed out,
In the Key to the Tarot 1910 (reissued as PKT in 1911) Waite

"The Tarot cards which are issued with the small edition of the present work, that is to say, with the Key to the Tarot, have been drawn and coloured by Miss Pamela Colman Smith, and will, I think, be regarded as very striking and beautiful, in their design alike and execution." Page 67


Pam's letter... November 19, 1909...
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