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Originally Posted by whiterabbit2 View Post
Mixed feelings about collaborative decks in general and these in particular. As is the case, there are some cards I absolutely love and think are brilliant, while other cards leave me flat or full of dislike (like big-headed, bug-eyes doll figures for example - totally not my taste!). I find I don't use the decks for readings at all because of the "bad" cards (and there are a number for me - though this is purely personal). I bought the last one, Carnival, because I love the theme.
Ditto. All the big-headed girl and big-headed cat cards with the big buggy eyes ruin the entire deck for me. I bought the Carnival deck and was immediately disappointed and will never use it. Some cards don't mesh with the rest of the deck at all....and not just character-wise. Sometimes it is the background/setting, which translates into theme.

I've decided that collaborative decks are really not for me. I've yet to buy one that was cohesive enough for practical use. Some of the artists seem more concerned with exerting their own personal style on their assigned card rather than creating something that works for the deck as a whole.

As far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be much collaboration in collaborative decks!
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