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Originally Posted by whiterabbit2 View Post
I've had all 3, traded the 1st one. Now have the Nautilus and Carnival. Mixed feelings about collaborative decks in general and these in particular. As is the case, there are some cards I absolutely love and think are brilliant, while other cards leave me flat or full of dislike (like big-headed, bug-eyes doll figures for example - totally not my taste!). I find I don't use the decks for readings at all because of the "bad" cards (and there are a number for me - though this is purely personal). I bought the last one, Carnival, because I love the theme and again, there are some cards that are really fantastic, but it too sits on my collection shelf, gathering dust.

There are some collaborative decks that may be easier to read with because they're more consistent in flavor and look (like Artists' Inner Vision Tarot), but these aren't. If you're looking for good reading decks, I don't recommend them; if you're looking to just add to your collection as something different, than by all means, go for it...they're interesting.
I had already purchased the 78 Tarot Nautical before I started this thread, so it is on the way. I am so glad that I didn't order the 78 Tarot Carnival deck also because I am seeing cards that truly upset me. One being the 10 of Swords showing a little child. Weird and I don't want that kind of vibe in my decks let alone my house.

Unfortunately, the Artists' Inner Vision Tarot just doesn't have any draw to me. I know everyone is different, but I hope 78 Tarot Nautical will be the collaborative deck for me. Maybe the only one? lol

Thanks for sharing!

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