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This is such a beautiful image. The sense of mystery is predominant. The High Priestess floats in an oval space than is itself representative of the feminine. In many images of High Priestess you see a human figure quite concretely but in this the physical presence is veiled in light. Her head appears in the frame of a human eye, the all seeing, knowing quality that she represents.

I am drawn through the other “eyes” in this image to the black moon and the white moon, the duality of existence? Darkness and light, Both moons hover over a very calm sea. I’ve been reading Meditations on the Tarot where the author describes the Magician as representing the pure act of intelligence which can only be understood through the reflection in the High Priestess. Through stillness and meditation, quiet consciousness, we can reflect understanding, knowledge. Intuition? This image reflects this idea very beautifully.

The positioning of the eye in this image is very interesting. It is a window for the reflective sea beyond. Is it about bringing the understanding we get from quietness into the real world?

I am not sure what the red flames underneath the High Priestess symbolize. Perhaps just simply energy. Are we obligated to put understanding into practice in our lives? It would be interesting to know what others think.

So far. the Magician represents consciousness, the pure act of knowing. The High Priestess defines consciousness by reflecting it to us. She grounds the understanding. We know there is light through reflection. How I act in this world will be determined by how much I understand, or reflect, pure knowledge or wisdom.
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