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Agwe: This is a soothing card. The boat is tilted and there is wind in the sails, so I think that suggests movement. There is no land to be seen anywhere but the people don't appear nervous or threatened.
I can't really tell what the three people on the left side of the boat are doing. It looks like they are trying to manuever a tray with food and bottles on it. Another person is playing a drum. Party atmosphere for being so far out to sea. It is also calm weather because everyone is in warm temperature clothing.
I think the card does well getting the meaning across....smooth sailing despite what one might be worried about - everything will be fine.
A long, long time ago when I was but a tender twig, this is what I said about Agwe upright.

Reversed, I get much the same feeling as you do, afrosaxon. Wind taken out of the sails. The doldrums. Caught in limbo. Also, you can imagine that being stuck at sea with 20 of your closest - and stinkiest - friends....after a while tempers get short, things get said. People get stressed. So the nice party atmosphere dissipates until the sails are full again.
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