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Norm and values, self control, suppressing of feelings (possibly for a cause; sometimes we have to disconnect ourselves from our feelings in order to get something done).
If the querent is the bishop heís implementing the above mentioned things, if the querent is represented by the kids, he/she is on the receiving end of it. Meaning a teacher-student situation which can be either good or bad. The teacher can literally be an educational teach, but also a very restrictive partner or a demanding employer but also a strict parent with his/her kidís best interest at heart and so on. So the teacher-student bit is very wide. Regardless of the situation I do feel the "teacher" is so focussed on his task, that he forgets to consider the social, humane aspects. I don't think he excells in social skills or has much eye for his pupils' needs and emotions. He's not necessarily selfish, he just thinks he's doing the right thing by acting this way.

If the querent is represented by the kids: Wanting to fit in, wanting to be part of something/a group or wanting to do what is right or expected of you. Basically submitting to "public demand", even though it might not make you happy.

Someone mentioned that religions kept people apart or something like that. It just dawned on me that the bishop still has a lot to learn himself! Heís in between the feminine and the male (decorations on the right pillar show a man, an oak leaf *which stands for masculinity and strength* and hard working people, the other pillar a woman and someone whoís tending the sheep from a little boat *water is caring, loving, feminine*.) The arch in the wall almost follows the exact outline of the bishop and his mitre: He fits in that arch beautifully! If he stands in between, he might be able to link the two together, to make male and female meet => balance. Thatís why the keys are next to each other on his mitre and not touching/crossed. He hasnít worked that one out himself. Another clue why I see him as still being a (experienced) student himself is that he is a bishop, not the pope. A bishop knows a lot, but heís not at the top yet.

On the downside of this card, reversed or in a negative position, I feel this card holds strong dominating/submissive aspects.
If itís about the man, than heís overly controlling and dominating and out of touch with his feelings and emotions and those of others.
If the querent is one of the kids, he/she might be overly submissive or seemingly submissive by which I mean very hypocritical => pretending to be or do something wholeheartedly, but in truth having a different agenda altogether (people with brown rings around there noses, if you catch my drift.

I'm suprised that I suddenly got so much out of this card, as I couldn't relate to it at all. I had a good laugh reading other people's comments about the bishop being sour faced and obstipated, haha. Esp. since I have to agree, he doesn;t look like a happy chappy!

Does anyone know what the hand position means? Is it a Catholic thing and what about the shape of his staff? I'm Catholic, but I don't know anything much about it, but esp. the position of his hand must mean something?


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