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I'm currently using the Robin Wood for an Intensive Deck Study, and just now considered the Hierophant for a journal entry--and really was a little struck by the negativity of this card in this deck (a deck which, it seems to me, strives to find the positive in all other cards).

Still, accepting it as it is, I really needed to find some balance in the card or it wouldn't have made sense to me. I'm no fan of organized religion, but it's not just a burden, not just suffocating to the spirit: it can uplift, and it can lighten burdens. Historically, it's done some terrible things, but it's also provided stability, unification, continuity, in which people can achieve great things.

In the end, I decided to take the card as a warning: consult authority, but keep the keys to your own life in your own two hands; exercise authority, but don't be a tyrant; teach, but be open to new ideas; submit to discipline to achieve something larger than yourself, but don't let that larger object bury you.

(I've decided to consider the building behind the Bishop the base/entrance to the Tower card. Unified by authority and faith they're raising a tower, but if authority runs rampant and faith gives it its head, then suddenly they've built the Tower of Babel, and bam, down it comes.)
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