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I think I participated in the original thread which discussed this (JMD has provided the link).

I remember feeling particularly awful that day and went a bit overboard in my reading of the card. I think it could be called projection. I can go dotty on that track and am slightly horrified at how dotty I was that day. .

One thing I have noticed about Pamela Colman Smith (for whom I have the greatest admiration) is that her perspective (as in drawing) wasn't always crash hot. I've looked at other cards where there are examples of that and wondered whether there is any meaning to it, and I just don't know. In 6 Cups there seems to be a lot that's not quite in perspective including the glove, the relative sizes of the boy and the girl, the size of the chalices etc.

I wonder about the style of art in the day and a few other things.

However, today that card looks a lot better.

Numerologically, 6 is about harmony. truth justice and a sense of balance. It is a domestic and artistic vibration - Home, family, service to the community, love and compassion So it sort of fits with the image Pixie Colman Smith gave us.
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