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I'd like to throw another log on the fire here and offer an interpretation that I came across.

It's by Isabel Kliegman, in her book Tarot and the Tree of Life. It is based on the Kabbalah. The sixth sefirah on the Tree of Life is Tiferet it is the place of the sacrificed god, the wounded warrior, the place of Christ consciousness.

Isabel Kliegman sees the six of cups as a card of deception and martyrdom.

The clothes on the children represent the deceptions parents tell their children to protect them from physical and emotional harm. A warm cocoon of protection from the sometimes harsh realities of life.

The cross of the martyred St. Andrew on the sheild represents the fact that all children will eventually be martyred to life. To the fact that there is no Santa Clause, if you don't do your homework you get an F, if you drink and drive you go to jail. ect.

The guard walking away represents the parent who has to let the child realize these truths on there own. Knowing they can't protect them from life forever.

In my own interpretation of all this, when I look at six of cups I see a card of transition. Those children are just on the verge of experiancing life. And I wonder what will life offer them?

I see the mitten as representing the little girls innocence. The boy isn't wearing any because he's holding the flowers. To me they represent the experiances of life. All the pots of flower around them, are all the things they have yet to experiance. He's older and he's already had a little peek into what life is all about. And now he offers his experiance to her. She's not sure if she wants to leave the comfort, nostalgia and protection of her childhood just yet. And the guard walks away because he knows he must leave them to discover life for themselves.

I have enjoyed reading all of your opinions they help me to learn and grow. Nameste.
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