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Part of what the six of cups evokes for me is nostalgia for childhood paradise. I like to think this card represents "Ithaka" the place which Odysseus was desperate to return to.

My childhood paradise was also called Ithaca (upstate New York) -- where the grandparents lived, a house and farm with a window into history. The smell of freshly cut grass and lilacs outside, the smell of old wood, ivory soap, and vanilla cake in the acre of flower garden, 70 acres of pine woods.

That was Eden. But as Chateaubriand wrote, when describing his childhood paradise, we become conscious of it's having been an Eden, once we have been, like Adam and Eve cast out. And it is precisely the having-been-cast-out which gives the paradise garden its golden aura.

What many poets and writers have expressed as the tragedy of being human, is this sense of being separate from God. The myth tells us that this separation is the price we pay for our consciousness -- for having tasted knowlege, we are thrown out of God's Garden... in being thrown out of God's garden, we gain still greater awareness, greater pleasure, greater pain.

Hence, the the presense of both pleasure and martrydom in this card...
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