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In TAROT REVERSALS and let's reiterate, I've no problem defining or intuiting the card that way IF it's reversed or surrounded by other cards that would suggest that meaning.

But if it's by itself--well, shall I go down the list?

Crowley: Pleasure, harmony.
Douglas: The past working through the present.
Grimaud: Equilibrium, assured success.
Khan: old friends, return home, sexual fulfilment.
Thierens: Happiness, riches, good health, impressions of the past.
Waite: Memories, nostalgia, pleasant memories, an inheritance.
Mary K. Greer gives this interpretation with the upright meanings, not the reversed ones. My only point was to show that Mary K. Greer - a respected tarot writer - also notes that something's not right. That's all.

My point is simply that JUST because it can mean something sinister in childhood doesn't mean it MUST. And my point is that we tend to think INSTANTLY of the sinister rather than the innocent. And I think you just proved my point.
I didn't instantly think of the sinister interpretation, I saw nothing strange at first, but when I really did examine the card, I noticed that something seems off on this card, that something just doesn't exactly feel right.

But there is a guard suggesting that the children are protected!
If someone would want to show that there's a guard watching over the children, I don't think that someone would draw a guard walking away of the children, don't you agree?

I don't know what you're looking at but on my card she looks like she has her hands open--awed at the cup and the flowers, ready to embrace it. And yes, she could carry it. Not easily, but in her arms.
And I don't know what card you're looking at ! Here's a link to the card I'm talking about and I must say that I don't see her arms open, "ready to embrace it". Sorry!

"what about that second face in the hair of the girl?" Don't know what the heck you're talking about there.
Did you read the thread Jmd linked to? I do see another face there.

Are they laughing? Singing? Dancing? No.
Exactly my point. Finally, something we both see ! On the link I gave (just to know that we're talking about the same card), the boy doesn't even appear to have a mouth.

But they're not weeping, or crouched in pain and misery like 5 cups or 5 pentacles either. There's nothing to suggest that any harm is intended, or that they're depressed, scared or in danger.
You're right, they don't look depressed or scared. But they don't look happy either, and that's a fact. Maybe the harm itself hasn't happened yet.

But I'm finding it really sad that in a deck dominated by overtly frightening and depressing cards [...] you'd toss aside one card that WAITE himself says is positive and filled with "pleasent memories".
Waite didn't draw the cards, now did he? Just go look at the sun-card and be happy !

I think this whole discussion proves that there is a lot more to the Six of Cups (on the Rider-Waite) than meets the eye. The fact that many see that something doesn't seem right on the card should be a sign that the Six of Cups here has many layers...

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