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My point is simply that JUST because it can mean something sinister in childhood doesn't mean it MUST. And my point is that we tend to think INSTANTLY of the sinister rather than the innocent. And I think you just proved my point.
I have to disagree here Thirteen,
I for one didnít INSTANTLY see the 6/Cups as being a possibly negative card when I started out. That is because the books I read then, gave this card glowing references, e.g. Focussing on childhood, simple goodness, joyful nostalgia etc.

But in the last year or two, in a couple of readings when this card showed up, (it doesnít often for some reason) the above keywords proved not to be the case.
When we speak of an unhappy childhood, it doesnít have to mean that physical/sexual abuse played a part here. There are 101 other reasons for unhappiness in childhood; feeling unloved by a parent, a parent dying, not having parents as such, maybe childhood spent in care. Another aspect, a child sent off to boarding school at an early age, the list is endless.

I had vague memories of the thread JMD directed us to, but didnít think too much about it, what I mean is, it didnít sink in at the time.
It wasnít until Celesteís query that I started to really look at the card. I hadnít even noticed the oversized mitten before.
So thanks for that Celeste.
And thanks JMD for redirection to original thread.

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