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Originally posted by Lee
Thirteen, I'm truly interested to read your takes on things, but I very much doubt, if someone sees a card a certain way, that you're going to succeed in arguing them out of it, and I'm not really sure I understand why one would want to.
I'm not trying to convince them, though it may seem as if I am. I'll repeat this again: I'm perfectly willing to interpet 6/Cups as sinister if other cards suggest that interpetation. My only qualm is interpeting the card that way if it's on it's own--or not supported by other card. I have this qualm because I don't think such a strong interpetation ought to be offered to a querent without being sure.

That's said, I'll also repeat that: It's their world, their deck, their reading. They can see it however they like.

The person I'm trying to convince with all this is the newbie reading through this thread for ideas on how to interpet the card. I don't want them to think the 6/cups instantly means "child molestation"--and both Gloria and Spoonbender will forgive me, and no disrespect intended, but their posts sounded, AT FIRST as if that's what they were implying: that 6/cups is a sinister card and should be seen as such.

Our discussion has revealed, to the contrary, that that's not what Gloria means, at least.

I'm much more in the camp, actually, of those who are pointing out the "Loss of Eden" take on the card. That this is a memory of our time of innocence and comfort and that the card suggests that such a time is lost forever in the past. That the flowers of experience, the loss of the protective guard, occur to us as we grow up. That Eden existed and remains now only in our memories makes this card bittersweet--and I, at least, can readily accept, agree and be persuaded by THIS observation that the card could be "dreamy-sad" and even painful rather than "happy."
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