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The 6/Cups represents childhood memories.

As you say the mitts do look big and I think clumsy. Surely it would be impossible to take hold of that cup.
Could they signify an inability to come to terms with maybe an unhappy childhood? Something traumatic that hasn't been worked out yet.
As we see in the RW card the person doesn’t actually accept the offer of flowers. (friendship, love) Maybe a parent is now tryng to say 'sorry.'
But I think the large mittens signify the difficulty this person has in responding to the offer being made.

Could even signify the need for councelling.
I know a person who as she puts it “was given away as a baby.”
She had a couple of brothers and a sister, but it was only her that was adopted.
After many years she was able to contact her mother and become acquainted with the rest of the family.
Even so, her ‘adoption’ and the reason why has never been explained to her.
She is approaching 60 and still hasn’t been able to come to terms with it.
Maybe therapy or counselling would have helped in a case like this.

No hint in my post of child molestation, maybe it was the word 'councelling' that triggered something off in the mind.

Regards Gloria.
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