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Originally Posted by LeFou View Post
How about both? But also, maybe "confession" and absolution, a non-judgemental ear, a safe place to utter dark secrets alound, the possibility to "touch" the mysterious sacred eternal energy of the universe, or just some compassionate human touch when holding hands at the beginning (for the readers who do that -- I don't but I think it's beautiful).

All of these could end up being so much more significant than "accuracy," which is the mind, rather than the heart.
Yes, this is so true. And in that sense I have been reading for most of my life. I started with cards about twenty years ago, but did not really devote to it until about five years ago. I learned through experience that I don't really need the cards to read, if that makes sense. But I love the cards and I think it adds quite a bit to the conversation. The cards certainly make it more fun and interesting for me.

I hope I haven't veered off topic too much. : )
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