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I like your idea. Do you do that when you are reading for somebody else (make up the card postions on the spot?) Sometimes I do that for myself when I'm messing around with a deck, but have never tried it when reading for others. It sounds intuitive.

If by soul number you mean adding up your birth date - mine is 5. I have a friend that works as an angel channel. I told her about my fascination with the number three and she said she used to be the same way - that she would always cut her sandwiches in three's before eating them, etc. She believes that God has three parts or three aspects and that's why we see the number three so much in daily life and in story and myth. I've have some interesting synchronicities with the number three. If you're interested, let me know and I'll post them.

Dead Star,
Sorry to overwhelm you. My thoughts about this post were there would be so many different "three" spreads that most people would be able to find a few that resonate with them and use those. For instance, if you like computers, the CPU/Monitor/Keyboard one may really sync with you or if you have a science mind, the Gas/Liquid/Solid one may stick with you.

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