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Magical Forest - King of Pentacles

from lwb: possession, control of resources

The King has a pentacle on his lap be he appears to be watching
everything around to make sure nothing is going on to take anything
away from him. He's alert and bright eyed. There are fruit on the
ground in front of him which are just thrown about like they are excess
and no one cares if they spoil. Maybe he has too much money.
Could the apples be a sign of a fruitful business transaction?
I would think they would be in a basket if they were to be taken
as something positive and valued. The way they are thrown about
leads me more to the conclusion that he's a bit wasteful.

He's sitting behind the wall of the castle so he must be wealthy.
A man who is successful in business and money matters.
Good one to ask advice of on financial issues.
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