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Gilded Tarot - King of Cups

A King with a cup, one who has reached the height of power over his emotions, someone who has become one with his emotions. Or has he? Is he someone who is no longer in touch with thier emotions. Someone who is looking at thier emotions from a distance like the King is holding his cup loosely in his left hand away from his body to look at it. Sometimes this can be a good thing, looking at emotions from a distance can give perspective to the situation that is still has to much chaos to look at up close. He holds the cup loosely looking at it as a father looks at a child, with indulgence and love but ready to let go should the child be ready to move forward on its own. He holds his septor, a sign of his station in life, loosely in his right hand. Mabe he is tired of having to keep control over all these emotions, he is after all responsable for his emotions as well as those of all his subjects. He does not seem so much uncomfortable where he is as he does resigned to a place he is not sure he wants to be any longer. He may feel the need to emotionally grow himself. Could he get his subjects to be more responsable for thier own emotions so he can further grow emotionally? It's worth a try.
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