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Originally Posted by Aurelious
Edit 2: Maybe he never really assigned them and just put planets in the background based on color of the planet alone? In this case, how would we assign them?
As annoying as this is, I think this is probably the case, since the King of Cups appears to have Saturn behind him, and Saturn is associated with Capricorn, an earth sign.

On the other hand, maybe the planets still have some symbolism to them: perhaps they are indicating influences outside the Kings' knowledge (note none of them are looking at the planets directly) and control. From this perspective we can say that the planets might be:

Pentacles: Mars/fire
Swords: Neptune/water
Wands: Venus/air
Cups: Saturn/earth

For comparison of all the planets shapes and colours:

There is similar symbolism in the queen cards, but they sem to be more aware of it.

Pentacles: the peacock (a bird, capable of of flight) = air
Swords: the rising sun/fire
Cups: The floral and vine brocade on the pillar an the dress might represent earth.
And the is probably something for water in the Queen of Wands card, I just can't find it right now.
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