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The Empress

Between reading the companion book and my own thoughts here's what I've come up with. All the colors of the elements are represented here, Gold of her dress for the love and emotions of water, Blue, Air, the sky behind her. Her red hair and belt, warmth, fire and fertility, Green cloak for the Earthly element and our physical aspect of being. She lovingly holds and looks at her venus symbol. She manifests (creates)life thru the birthing process, indicated by the zodiac and venus symbol (fertility). The circles of zodiac and venus are round indicating that the cycles of life go on forever. The Empress represents, Growth, Fertility and Prosperity, indicated by the colors in the card. Her red belt means, fertitlity and menustration. She is the perfect example of the desired woman but loving and nurturing as well. The Empress is not symbolic of someone in our lives, the court cards do that.. She brings matters to fruition and rewards hard work. She also represents, Pregnancy and Motherhood.
I love this card, I feel she looks favorably upon situations and matters of importance. She also says it's okay to be who you are, the woman you are. I'm still new to the tarot, waiting for my intuition to kick in.. Vickey
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