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Planets in the backgrounds of cards

So... I've finally decided that I am going to do an IDS with the Gilded
I've done my journal up.
Shuffled the deck
Pulled a card as my first card to study
It is the two of cups
I open up my journal to a nice crisp page titled Two Of Cups
My first observation is "There is a planet in the background" Guess I was moving from the top of the card down.........but this is where I am stuck...
I can't figure out what this blue planet is. I do a quick google search, but am no closer to understanding.....
Having a quick flick through the other cards I notice several also with planets in the background. Most are moons, but some like
The Empress
The Fool
The Magician
Two of Swords
Wheel of fortune and many more are not....
Is there a website anyone knows about where I could find more information about what planets correspond to what card??
Is it only the majors that have planets assigned?
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