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I love them Lee.
It almost has the feeling of a shield to me, and that feels very grounding.
Protected, stable.
Like being well cover.
The lack of actual pentacle symbols is a plus for me.
Even though we all get very used to it and don't think much about it pentacles can have a bad rep. with people who have no understanding of esoteric symbols.

I actually had one lady say to me " I don't want to see those devil stars, do you have a different deck?"
I was using my Hanson Roberts (you can't get any gentler than that.)
She ended up being more comfortable with my Tarot of Prague.

As far as missing the circle, I don't.
I feel its refreshing and inventive to have something different.
And it sure doesn't affect my ability to read with them.
A wonderful deck to read with.
I just can't say enough about how much I like this deck.
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