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A friend has sent me a close-up scan of the Gilded pentacle, and it really has a lot of depth to it. As Thea Lynx says, it's constructed of several layers of pentagons, culminating in a central green pentagon which has a sun design in the middle. There are also five tiny green pentagons placed around the center golden design. As I look closely at the scans on Ciro's site, amazingly, the depth of detail is maintained throughout the cards, even in the higher cards where the pentacle-objects are smaller.

Interestingly, the Page bears the same pentacle-object, but for the Knight, it's missing the central green pentagon, which could perhaps show that the Knight is an extremist who focuses on the outer forms of things. Then, the Queen's pentacle-object is exactly the green center which is missing on the Knight, which shows that the Queen grasps the essentials.

Then on the King, again as Thea Lynx has pointed out, the five-pointed star which has been suggested throughout the suit finally makes its appearance in all its glory.

I also agree with lark that the five-sided pentagon does evoke a solid and grounded feeling. I'm not quite sure why -- maybe because it reminds us of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.? Or maybe it just reminds us of a building in general, with solid walls. The shape certainly seems more resistant to attack. I would be interested to know if anyone knows whether a pentagon would be a stronger structure than a circle.

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