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There are five apples. Four are in front of him - thrown like tributes or tithes. One is hidden to our left of his throne. A secret stash he keeps? A gift given but not noticed because he is too focused on watching everyone to make sure they don't take anything away from him?

He feels he's worked hard to get where he is and is deathly afraid that other people will take away his prized possessions. He's like a child, scared that people will steal his toys, take them and not give them back. So he holds what he can tight to himself and only lets certain others, perhaps no one, use it.

It's that fifth apple that's bothering me. Why is it to one side of his throne?

Also, the mountains on either side of his throne are different colours. The one on the side with the apple is lighter than the one on the other side. The light in the image seems to be coming, at least partly, from the lower left (see the way the pentacle is lit). People are legitimately trying to help him, but he is so afraid that they will steal his stuff that he is paralyzed with indecision about whether to reach forward and take the apples offered in case he loses grip of his pentacle. Maybe the apple to one side is the only one he's managed to take so far.

So, someone who has put a lot of stock in their amassed material wealth and is loath to let any of it go, even to gain new more useful stuff, because he does not trust others.
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