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Gilded -- First Impressions

Maybe we could start with first impressions of the deck and why we were drawn to it.

What drew me to this deck was the image of Judgement. It was so different from anything I'd seen. This beautiful trumpeter with a winged headress, the long lashes on the downcast eyes. I thought it was an interesting take on the Judgement card, and very beautiful. I liked the dark background, as well.

Now that I have the deck, I find the colors extraordinarily deep and vibrant. I'm looking foward to exploring the images more closely.

I like to do comparative Tarot work -- looking at the cards one by one as compared to other decks, and seeing what might be unique about this particular deck. Anyone else interested in this approach? Also, most important to me is the story I see in the card -- and this relates I guess to the specificity of the image.

One unique aspect to this deck seems to be these fantastic machines that seem both scientific and magical (which is, I think how CM describes them in the book.) I find them fascinating, but haven't read with the deck yet, so I'm not sure how they will work in readings.
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