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What drew me to the deck were the images overall. I actually went to the local "new age" store with a friend to just look around. I started looking at all the tarot decks and something said "just get one"... it will help you and help in your spiritual path. I began to look at them all. The thing I don't like about most decks is the art.
It was love at first site with this deck. Just from the box these images were fantastic, colorful, "realistic", lots of stuff on each card. I like that it's based on "traditional" RWS imagry, but yet not a clone.
Although I have other decks now I'm still really new to tarot, just a few months and this has always been the deck I wanted to give most of my attention to... well at least first, to learn with.
I'm wondering if comparative work would jumble things up for me or help me. Just a thought.
I also like that this deck has something more than a LWB. That helps as a beginner, but I find the cards have enough imagry that mostly I can look at a card and intuitivly get at least an impression of a meaning. The cards I have the most trouble with are the court cards.
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