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I can't speak from actual physical experience with the Gilded deck, but my online impressions were that of a deep spiritual attraction to the depth of color and light in the cards. Both on a mental and ethereal plane...if that makes sense. To tell you the truth, I am waiting for the Tarot of Dreams deck with baited feels like it has a deeper spiritual quality to it, but I won't be able to tell for sure until I can connect physically with both decks.

Amazon has shipped my Gilded deck as of yesterday, so I will be able to participate more fully in this study group next week.

So far my favorite card is the Star. I love the light coming from her third eye, and it just resonates with me strongly...Hope, serenity, things flowing effortlessly, a sense of tranquility (even in the face of chaos and adversity) Intuitively knowing that all is well, love, heart openings...light at the end of the tunnel...Being in a higher state of conciousness brings about peace of mind, unconditional love for humanity...let go of ego and life flows easily the path is lit by the heavens/Star. It reminds me that if we choose the path that is lit with love and light (listen to our heart/ intuition), we can't make a wrong decision.

One thing I've noticed with studying the cards online is that the borders of the cards distract me greatly...I am hoping that changes when I get my actual deck. The gold borders seem to glow and bring my eye outward...

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