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Originally Posted by pintogdss
I can't speak from actual physical experience with the Gilded deck, but my online impressions were that of a deep spiritual attraction to the depth of color and light in the cards. Both on a mental and ethereal plane...if that makes sense. To tell you the truth, I am waiting for the Tarot of Dreams deck with baited feels like it has a deeper spiritual quality to it, but I won't be able to tell for sure until I can connect physically with both decks. .........

.......One thing I've noticed with studying the cards online is that the borders of the cards distract me greatly...I am hoping that changes when I get my actual deck. The gold borders seem to glow and bring my eye outward...
You might want to check out some of the threads on trimming the borders of your cards. I have trimmed several of my decks, and like them much better borderless.

I have seen a Gilded deck that was trimmed to the inner gold line, which went through the middle of the jewels. It was much less distracting, and I felt I could see the images on the deck much more clearly. I haven't trimmed mine yet, though I may in the future.

Edited to add: I don't think I will trim this deck. Now that I've been doing readings, I find the jewels become very node-like, as places of connection, and I like the way the jewel colors reinforce the emotional meanings of the cards. I don't find the gold borders at all distracting in a reading, although if I just look at individual cards, my eyes do go to the borders. Interesting -- a different pattern is formed when the cards are laid down.

Does anyone know what these strange wands are? Are they something real or an imaginary thing. They look kind of like pens, then there's that bracelet at the end -- a shape I've seen used as a symbol of civilization by the Celts, I think. It would be an interesting symbol -- writing and civilization of our passions and energy.
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