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The astrological symbols that are 'concealed' begin with Leo in partial hidden in the left corner of the card. The symbol for Cancer (the sideways 69) is the last sign on the left that is fully visable. This could be significant in that Cancer is often seen as a 'motherly' and nurturing sign. So Leo and Virgo fade out on the left, completely obscured is Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius and coming back into view on the right is Capricorn. Which in astrological terms in opposition to Cancer. Which could imply the balance of nature??? But I'm guessing here.

It would be interesting to discover if there was an intent in the placement of the zodiac 'wheel' or if it was just for aesthetic purposes.

I think that it is interesting that 'the empress' is inside the wheel, which could be seen to emphasis the creation aspect of the card as all of us or born under a particular sign of the zodiac.

Overall, with this card I feel that the circles are important. representing the circles of life. I also like the way the Empress looks down on the Venus symbol with what appears to me to be a look of satisfaction. I believe that the planet in the background would be Venus (the green planet) and it is interesting that her cloak is green also.

(NB: These are just initial thoughts as I am studying the minors at present!)
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